The M100X Bundle pack is comprised of two parts – the M100 multitool and MX01 toolpack.

The M100’s body is made from a polymer composite exterior with hardened, 420-grade stainless steel core. The steel does most of the heavy lifting, taking the brunt of the wrench and bottle opener, protecting the composite from stress or wear damage. Another steel insert in the front of the tool reduces wear from the M100’s screwdriver functionality.

The MX01’s body is made from the same engineering polymer as it’s multitool counterpart, with a TPU retention system keeping the twelve tool bits secured in place.

The M100X’s tool bits are made from S2-grade tool steel, with various coatings depending on colour:

  • The Standard M100X’s bits have titanium-oxide coating, creating a lustrous gold finish.
  • The Orange M100X’s bits have a standard silver finish
  • The Yellow M100X’s bits have a standard silver finish